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The section of vintage shirts of national teams is the most assorted in our store. Buy here your retro jersey of the World Cups and many other shirts from countries participating in FIFA tournaments. Get ready for Euro 2020, that will take place in 2021, a tournament that all football fans are waiting for.

Likewise, if you are a fan of the English, the Scottish or Irish team, you can choose your favorite shirt in our collection, to cheer like a true legend your squad. At Retrofootball® we will launch together with the brands that we distribute new models of Vintage shirts for Euro 2021.

Also, you can offer a unique gift like our historical football jerseys to your football fan friends. Surprise your friends and loved ones with a special gift this Christmas. In particular, we have some interesting news in our catalog of football team kits:

  • • United Kingdom 1908’s Olympics top;
  • • England squad classic shirt 82 with Kevin Keegan (beautiful red away kit),
  •  Brazil 1960's & 70's shirts
  •  George Best's Northern Ireland retro shirt
  • • Scotland 1970's shirt and Ireland 1970's retro shirts and many others.
  • • Spain 1982 Mexico Fifa World Cup shirt
  • • Holland  1974 and 1978 World Cups
  • • Argentina 1986 's World Cup Maradona shirt
  • • Soviet Union CCCP 1982 and 1990 Word Cups

In addition, in Retrofootball®, you can also find the retro jerseys of other teams such as the African and Asian National Teams or of teams that have had their moment of prominence in history. Relive football legends by wearing Retrofootball® shirts.