FC Barcelona Retro Shirts

Retrofootball® is offering all fans the official retro-t-shirt collection of the FC Barcelona, manufactured with the license of the club. The FC Barcelona is more than a club, and has a unique identity and status in the European club scene. Our Collection features different Shirts which tell a part of the clubs history:

The historic Retro Shirt of the year of its foundation by Joan Gamber in 1899.

The classic Barcelona Shirt of the first season of Johann Cruyff, one of the greatest players and innovators of the game, at the club. Barcelona was having rough times, but with the star from the Netherlands they were able to win directly the Spanish championship.

The FC Barcelona Meyba Shirt of the early 90s, which shaped a whole era of football and defined the playing style of the club, with the Dream Team consisting of Koeman, Guardiola and Laudrup, until today.

With this collection of Retro Football Shirts you can experience the greatest moments in the history of FC Barcelona. In our assortment of Retro Football Jerseys, you find clothes of the second half of the 20th Century, historic moments under the presidency of Joan Gamper and diverse models of the 70s and 80s. All classic shirts are manufactured with great carefulness and pride in Europe and achieving the best possible result when it comes to style and retro-look. Wear the Barca colours with class.

FC Barcelona - History and shirts

The origins - 1899

The Barcelona football club was founded in 1899, promoted by Hans Gamper, a Swiss man living in the Catalan city, together with other Swiss, English and Catalan fans of this sport.

Gamper was passionate about football, he played it and wanted to create a formal club. He then advertised in the newspaper to create a football team and summoned the eleven founding members. They decide from the first moment the name of the club: Foot-ball Club Barcelona

The maroon and blue colors of the Barcelona football shirt come from an idea by Arthur Witty, club director and also from Joan (Hans) Gamper himself who was inspired by the FC Basel jersey where he had previously played. The Club director, Arthur Witty had also liked the colors blue and maroon, as they were the colors of the Merchant Taylors College of Liverpool rugby school, where he had played.

If we look at a photo of the first team we can appreciate the shirt very much in the style of the time, with a shirt collar, buttons and with two blue and maroon bands and with the two colors: blaugrana in catalan or blue and maroon. The shorts at that time were white. On the other hand, the shield contains the shield of the city of Barcelona, ​​a symbol that will identify football with the Catalan city. This city shield will include the bat and the winners' laurel.

Barcelona FC club's founding squad

Football Club Barcelona team at the beginnings

You can appreciate above all these characteristics in the FC Barcelona Vintage Shirt 1899.

This shield will be modified in 1906 and a specific one will be created for the soccer team, not any longer so much based on the shield of the city of Barcelona. This shield is the one that has remained to this day with the initials FCB, the cross of Saint George for the city of Barcelona, ​​the Senyera bars in the colors of Catalonia and a ball on the Club's blue and maroon Blau-Grana colors.

In these important years the foundations were laid for many of the traditions that have endured. It is at this time that the first official football ground was inaugurated, the playing field on Industria Street. There were two stands and the neighbors who passed by the street saw the backs and buttocks of the fans in the stands from below, hence the name given to the Barça supporters; culés

The first victories of the Club took place in 1910, 1912 and 1913 when the Club won the Copa del Rey. The first international matches were also played at that time in the Pyrenees Cup in which teams from southern France, Catalonia and the Basque Country played.

The shirt from 1910 will be made according to the model, which with changes in the design to adapt it to each era, has lasted to this day, it will no longer be a two-color blue and maroon kit from 1899 and will be made with narrow bands blue and maroon.

We admire the modernity of this FC Barcelona official shirt 1916/17 with its V-neck, its long sleeves that you can see above in the shirt section.

FC Barcelona and the 1920s

The 1920s are a time of great steps forward for the Club. Its number of members will increase considerably, reaching 10,000.  The Les Corts stadium will be built in 1922.

At this time the team played matches against el Espanyol, who will be their eternal rival in the city of Barcelona.

Barcelona will win 5 Spanish Championships in the 1920s, specifically in 1920,1922, 1925, 1926 and 1928. We have to take into account that this Spanish championship, the current Copa del Rey was the star championship of the time, hence the importance of these triumphs.

In their ranks we find players like goalkeeper Zamora or Samitier who was a great idol of the time.

In this decade, the first League championship began in 1929 and be won by Barcelona, ​​with Real Madrid coming second. It also initiated the eternal rivalry between these two great Spanish clubs.

As for the kit, it should be noted that in the 1920s the definitive change to blue shorts took place. They had previously been black and white. On the other hand, the bands of the Barça shirt will be wider, two maroon bands and a central blue one.

The 1930s

The 1930s began with a period of great instability. Political circumstances, the crisis of 29, the Republic, the Spanish Civil War, brought about a considerable reduction in the Club's coffers, but also the number of members and the influx to the Les Corts stadium. Added to this was the tragic death of its founder Hans Gamper who took his own life, possibly due to financial problems.

All this contributed to the fact that FC Barcelona did not achieve any triumph in the championships in this decade.

During the Civil War, when the League was suspended, a championship called the Mediterranean League was created with teams from Catalonia and Valencia. Barcelona won the title in 1937, in the middle of the Civil War. To end this disastrous period, its president Josep Suñol was shot in 1936 by nationals in the vicinity of Madrid. In addition to being the president of the entity, he was a politician from the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya.

In this decade an important international tour is carried out in America that will serve to restore the ailing economy of the entity.

The classic V-neck jersey with the two maroon stripes and the central blue stripe will continue to be the kit that players will wear in this difficult decade.

Barça in the 1940's

In the 1940s, at the end of the Spanish Civil War, the Club followed the trend of the rest of Spain, the policy of the Franco Regime influenced the symbols of the Club and its management, with the presidents being elected by the Regime.

Two bars of the Senyera de Catalunya disappear from the shield and the name that went from being written in english, Football Club Barcelona, to being written in spanish, Club de Fútbol Barcelona. This change occurred in 1939 and lasted until 1946.

As we see with the history of the Catalan club and as it happens with the rest of sports entities, politics and sports are interrelated many times in a harmonious way and others with great tensions.

However, the decade ended with three victories in the League, the first in 1945 with Sampitier, the star of the 1920s as coach and with another victory in the Copa del Rey in 1942. They will also win the League of 1948 and 1949 with Enrique Fernández as a coach. Players to highlight from that time were the great Blau-grana scorer César Rodríguez and goalkeeper Antonio Ramallets, who is one of Barça's great goalkeepers.

FC Barcelona in the 50-60s period

The event of this decade is the construction of the Camp Nou stadium in 1957, which could hold 50,000 spectators. This, together with the great success of Kubala, originally from Hungary and Czechoslovakia, a mass phenomenon of the time, contributed to an incredible progression of the Club in terms of number of followers. Kubala dazzled the Catalans contributing to a new technical way of playing. An unbeatable team was built around Kubala. We find names like Ramallets, César, Segarra and Moreno among others.

Also in this decade two personalities who have made history at Barcelona FC will sign for the team, the player Luis Suarez and the coach Helenio Herrera.

Luis Suarez FC Barcelona 1950s

Luis Suarez FC Barcelona 1950s

In fact, the 50s were the years of Barcelona. The team won everything among other championships, three Leagues, five Cups, called the Generalisimo Cup at that time.

See above in the shirt section the FC Barcelona 1955/56 Short-sleeved V-neck Shirt contains the aura of the winners of an unforgettable time.  

The 1960s were difficult years despite the fact that they began with two victories in 1960, the 1960 League and the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, which we could consider as the antecedent of the Europa League, also in 1960. However, the defeat in the final of the 1961 European Cup against Benfica led the club to a crisis and during this decade FC Barcelona could not find its new identity after the departure of Herrera and Luis Suarez. And this despite winning his second Fair Cups in 1966.

The great 70s to 80s

The 70s are the years of Cruyff, a player who joined the Club's squad in 1973. Nuñez will be president in 1978. In this decade, the Barça club members increased considerably, reaching 80,000. Besides Cruyff, there were important signings of foreign footballers, such as Neskeens, the Danish Simonsens or the Peruvian Sotil.

FC Barcelona in the 70's with Cruyff

FC Barcelona in the 70's with Cruyff

The triumphs and the signings went hand in hand this time; they won the League in 1974, the Cup in 1971 and 1978 and the first UEFA Cup Winners' Cup in 1979.

We highlight the league match of the 1973-74 season with the legendary 0-5 against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu stadium with players of the stature of Rexach, Marcial, Asensi, Sotil and of course Cruyff.

You can see above the 0-5 jersey; the FC Barcelona 1973/74 shirt with long sleeves and round neck and the legendary Blaugrana colors that was worn by a young Cruyff. Also above there is a short-sleeved version of the FC Barcelona retro shirt 1970s that reflects the feelings of the entire decade, and the boost that coach Rinus Michels brought to the team. Iconic players of the time wore it; Asensi, Carles Rexach and Hugo Sotil, Migueli, and of course Cruyff, Neeskens, Krankl or Allan Simonsen.The FC Barcelona 1974-75 - away retro football shirt is incredible in bright yellow and with a band with the Blaugrana colors.

In this decade, the current Barça anthem was composed by Manuel Valls as a consequence of the Club's 75th anniversary.

Already in the 80s, José Luis Nuñez, who had been elected president of the club in 1978, would impose his style through great signings, such as Maradona, Schuster, Quini or Lineker. He won the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup in 1982 for the second time. 1982 was the year in which Maradona was signed but he did not have great fortune at the club and in 1984 he left Barcelona.

FC Barcelona 1980's

FC Barcelona 1980's

See in the shirt section the above FC Barcelona 1980-81 retro shirt, a kit that is a great symbol of this 80s decade. The shirt collar and V-neck are recovered, giving it an air of seriousness and Barça brand firmness. Players like Schuster or Quini, who was kidnapped this year, wore this shirt giving the kit an emotional aura. Let's not forget that Quini was one of the best Spanish strikers of that time and was a great scorer for Barcelona.

Despite winning the 1985 League with Terry Venables as coach, the 80s were not the Catalan club's brightest and in 1988 Cruyff was hired as coach to turn everything around. The most important thing in this period was the increase in followers and members, which resulted in the club being in good financial health.

The Catalan club in the 90s and 2000s

Cruyff managed since 1988 that the 90s are remembered as a great decade. Players of great prestige joined the club; Stoichkov, Romario, Laudrup, Zubizarreta Koeman or Guardiola among others. The triumph in the League came in 1991 and in the following three years, 1992, 1993 and 1994, was a great milestone! He also achieved his most desired victory, the European Cup in 1992. The team of this time was renamed the Dream Team certifying once again that Cruyff, at this stage together with Rexach, turned everything related to football to gold. However, after the decline of the Dream Team and having to face a new generation of footballers, there was a clash between Cruyff and Barça President Nuñez and the flying Dutchman was fired from the club in 1996.

You can see above the FC Barcelona 1990-91 vintage football shirt that reflects the spirit of this decade.

From the 1992-93 season, a few years of innovations in design began. We will find more line details, designs on the shoulders that will last until 1998. Later, the kit will turn again to more classic designs. We take this opportunity to remind you  the brands that made the Barcelona shirts: from 1982 to 1992 the Spanish brand Meyba then the Italian Kappa took over for the next six years until Nike, the American american brand, became responsible in 1998 for the manufacture and design of the culés shirts, with more than 20 years of collaboration today with the Catalan Football Club.

In the sports field in the years 2000 Gaspart arrived as President. In his three years the Barcelona did not get any title until Joan Laporta got the presidency of the club and with him coach Rijkaard. Rijkaard signed Eto'o, Ronaldinho and Deco. These players joined the stars who had grown up in the club; Xavi, who had been a starting player since 1999, Iniesta from Fuentealbilla who had grown up in the Barça youth academy La Masía since he was twelve years old and who had debuted in 2002, Puyol since 1999, Valdés and of course also the young Messi who started playing in the first team in 2004. These players had a brilliant era. They won the league in 2005 and 2006 and above all they won the Champions League on a second occasion in 2006, the first for Messi.

Guardiola's period in 2008 as coach together with Messi and all the stars gave Barça the best time in its history, especially in 2009, the year in which they won the long-awaited treble: the Champions League, the League, and the Cup.

In 2015, with Luis Enrique as coach, the treble was won again, with victories in the La Liga, the Spanish League, the Cup and the Champions League.

With these victories and this successful history, little more can be said about this team that has been crowned one of the most talented in the world. Messi as the best football player now in the world has also given the Barcelona Club a whole stratospheric dimension. Since the Argentine's time at the Club and with the victories achieved especially in the 21st century, Barça is in the forefront of world football. All his victories have a special flavor, his fans are infallible and his story is carried on their skin. Hence, we invite you to feel the Club in your skin. Above you have the best shirts that will make you feel part of this story of success and dedication to the best football of the century.