France Retro Shirts


Our official retro shirt collection of the French national team contains the events of French football that added to the culture and helped to integrate the unique character of les Blues into modern football. We want to tell the story of football through our shirts and inspire and encourage new generations to play football in an exciting and respectful way. Beside others you can find the following Shirts in our collection:

France 1950 Shirt: To them from 1960s team belonged a great generation of players, that managed to reach a great 3rd place at the World Cup 1958. Just Fontaine, Raymond Kopa, Penverne, Piantoni, Wisnieski, Vincent, Jonquet and Cisowski belonged to the squad. To highlight is Just Fontaine, who scored 13 of the 23 total team goals and holds to this day the record for the most goals scored in a single World Cup tournament.

France 1960 Retro Shirt: The Shirt of les Blues at the World Cup 1966 in England. A beautiful shirt with a V-neck collar, the rooster in the badge and the inscription “France. Coupe du Monde 1966”. To the squad belonged the center forward, Djorkaeff and coach Henri Guérin. A shirt which witnessed historic games against Uruguay, the host England and Mexico.

The 1971 France Retro Shirt: The France Shirt of the qualification to the European Championship in 1872. In the Selection of France were many players from Saint-Etienne. Georges Bereta, Georges Lech and Bernard Bosquier. A nice shirt with the style of the seventies.

Football shirts of the French national team. Unique Jerseys with an athletic look, perfect for spare time, and to show you passion for les Blues with your friends. Retro Footballclothes for Men and Women!