England Retro Shirts

England Retro Shirts

The official England Retro Shirts are representing the colours of the “Three Lions” and the great historic Moments of the English football national team. All our models are licensed by the English football association. Beside others we have the following special models in our assortment:

• England Shirt 1966, the year in which the country that founded the beautiful game crowned itself as the first and only time as the champions of the world, after beating West Germany with 4:2 after extra time. The hero of the game was Geoff Hurst who scored three goals, in a team that had the captain Bobby Moore und the Charlton Brother in their squad. Coach was another English Legend, Alf Ramsey.

• England Jersey 1982, the world Cuop, which is considered in England as a big missed opportunity. The Englishman left Spain after the second Group Stage, drawing against Spain and Germany. Therefore and they got kicked out of the competition without losing a single game. The squad had some great talents among them, like Kevin Keegan, Bryan Robson and Glenn Hoddle and was coached by Bobby Robbson, who later coached the Barcelona Team with Ronaldo. This Retro Shirt belongs to the most legendary shirts in the history of the Three Lions, if it is in white or the red Away Shirt.

• England Retro Shirt 1990: In the WorldCup 1990 in Italy, England was really close to winning the title. Leaded by the young Paul Gascoigne and with the goals of Gary Lineker, they got kicked out by the later Champion Germany in the semifinals.

Our England Shirts feature an attractive Collection for Men. As a Fan of the Three Lions, you will have a special appreciation for our Retro Shirts of the English national team. Our Shirts are suited perfectly for a day in the park with the family or for some beers in a pub. Football fashion for Men with class.

The official retro England shirts faithfully reproduce the colours used by the "Three Lions" team and relive glorious moments for the England national football team. All our models are licensed by the English Football Association. We have among others the following vintage England shirts:

England1966 retro shirt, the year in which the founding country of football was proclaimed world champions for the first and only time, after defeating the Federal Republic of Germany in the Wembley final by 4 goals to 3. The hero of that final was Geoff Hurst who scored three goals, in an England that had in its ranks the legendary Captain Bobby Moore and the Charlton brothers. The manager was an hero for the English fans: Alf Ramsey.

England 1982 world cup vintage shirts: a tournament that was experienced in England as the great lost occasion. The English left Spain in the second phase after drawing their two matches against Germany and against Spain. In fact they went undefeated from the tournament. The English team had talented players such as Bryan Robson, Kevin Keegan or Glenn Hoddle in their ranks and they were led on the bench by Bobby Robson who would then head Ronaldo's FC Barcelona. This model of shirt is counted among the most legendary in the history of the English team, both in white and in red kit (away shirt).

• 1990 England retro shirt: At the 1990 World Cup in Italy England was close to achieving the title again, led by a young Paul Gascoigne and with Gary Lineker's goals, they fell in the semi-finals against Germany.

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History and shirts of the England national football team


It was on November 30, 1872 when the England football team played its first match against Scotland. This makes it one of the oldest national teams in the world. Also known as The Three Lions, the three lions, this selection has stood out and has won the admiration of football lovers.

On November 30, 1872, in front of four thousand spectators, England played their first football match against Scotland at the Hamilton Crescent Stadium in Glasgow, a cricket ground that was set up to host this match.

The English players were dressed in a white T-shirt with the three lions shield of the Football Association, white shorts, blue socks and caps. Since then, English shirts have always evolved respecting traditional colours.

England team history and shirts from 1905-1920

England became a member of FIFA in April 1905 and during a tournament organized in June 1908 it had only faced European opponents.

Then he faced Austria, Hungary and Bohemia, which were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. They were the only teams outside of the British Isles that England had played against before the start of World War I.

The English players wore white shirts and wore shorts and navy blue socks.

England National Team 1908                                                                       England National team 1908, the pioneers.. 

1920-1970 England team shirts and history

Because it had boycotted FIFA in April 1920, due to differences with the international organization regarding payments to amateur players, England had not participated in either the first World Cup in 1930 or the 1934 world cup tournament, which took place in Italy.

However, in the meantime, he had played several international matches against European teams, especially against Austria and Germany in May 1930.

Players continued to wear their own socks until 1934, when the Football Association finally developed an official standard kit. The shirt collar had given way to the button-down white round neck, which will remain in use for more than 50 years. The emblem of the three lions continued to appear on the football shirt.

The first game in which numbers were included on the back of the shirts took place on April 17, 1937, at Hampden Park. 150,000 supporters found for the first time that footballers from both teams, both English and Scottish, were wearing a number on the back of their shirt.

Sports firms: St Blair (1949-1952) Umbro (1952-1954)

In 1949, the football federation made the decision to choose a specific emblem differentiated from the cricket team with which it had previously shared the same shield.

The three traditional lions were redesigned and among each lion, Tudor roses were included, there were ten roses in total, one for each of the regions represented by the Football Association. An inscription of each match was added under the emblem where the name of the opponent and the date of the match were included.

After returning to FIFA in 1946, the England team participated in their first football World Cup, Brazil 1950, a competition that took place after the years of due to World War II. Its performance was not impressive; the English team won the first match against Chile, 2-0, but lost to the United States and the Spanish team, 1-0, in both matches. The English team therefore did not qualify for the next phase and finished eighth.

At the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland, the Three Lions had another chance, joining Group D with Italy, Belgium and Switzerland. The English team will qualify for the next phase after drawing against Belgium, 4-4 and winning Switzerland 2-0. In the quarterfinals, the English football team will lose to Uruguay, 4-2. England will finally be ranked seventh in the ranking of this Swiss World Cup.

Historical shirts 1955-1960

The international committee of the Football Association had introduced a new, simpler kit, popularly known as "Continental". It was first shown on November 10, 1954 against Wales. The second red shirt was only worn twice in games against West Germany.

For the 1958 World Cup, the Football Association had removed the inscription under the emblem with the opponent's name and the date of the match because it was difficult to predict whether England would go to the next phase or not.

The Three Lions football teams will compete in the 1958 Sweden World Cup. England will draw the first three matches against Brazil, Austria and the Soviet Union. In a tiebreaker match, England lost 1-0 to the Soviet Union; you will have to leave the Championship and return home.

1960-1970 vintage shirts

At the start of the 1960-1961 season, Bukta replaced Umbro by becoming the team's official sponsor, even though the shirt was almost identical except for the numbers on the back of each shirt.

Under the emblem there was no longer the inscription of the previous shirts, which allowed the manufacturer to produce standard shirts more freely without the need to add additional bands for each match.

Umbro at the beginning of the 1965-1966 season, replaced Bukta again as a sponsor of the shirt and had created sets with plain white socks, which was a novelty. There were no other design changes, generally considered the best in England's long history due to its simplicity and elegance.

1966 World Cup England shirt

The 1966 shirt was worn by the great legendary figures of British football; Bobby Charlton, Bobby Moore and scorer Jimmy Greaves at the overwhelming 1966 Football World Cup, where England was the host country and won the Championship.

The all-white away kit was worn against Spain and, of course, on July 23, 1966, in the tumultuous World Cup quarterfinal match against Argentina won by the British team 1-0.

England had worn their famous red shirts but the highlight until then was, of course, in the final against West Germany of Helmut Haller and Wolfgang Weber. The match ended after extra-time with the English victory led by Alf Ramsay 4-0, with the incredible hat-trick, the first in World Cup history and Peters' goal.

These great legendary figures celebrated victory with this shirt; We can see historical photos from the 60's of Bobby Charlton, Hurst and Bobby Moore with his legendary number 6 on the back with the Queen of England handing them the cup.

England Classic football shirt 1966                                                England classic football shirt 1966. World Champions at home. 

Also remarkable is England's participation in their first European Championship in 1968, where the team took third place.

The all-white replacement white shirt was also worn during the 1969 summer tournament against Mexico, Uruguay and Brazil.

The 70's

During the 1970s, the England football team participated in the 1970 World Cup, where the team will fall in the quarterfinals against West Germany 3-2, a fateful match because the English team started scoring two goals in the first half. To highlight the great save of the goalkeeper Gordon Banks that he made during the match against Brazil after header from the great Pelé. This save is described as the most spectacular in the history of the World Football Championship.

Despite these individual actions, this decade was disappointing. The team will not qualify for the 1974 and 1978 World Cups.

England team history and shirts; the 80s and 90s

At the 1982 World Cup, the English left the championship in the second group stage without losing a single match after making two draws against Germany and Spain.

In the UK, this was experienced as a great missed opportunity as legends such as Kevin Keegan, Manchester United midfielder Robson, Gary Lineker and a very young Glen Hoodle played in the team.

The 1982 England shirt that players wore during this World Cup remains one of the most attractive and special shirts of all time: a white V-neck shirt with blue, red, and white stripes on the shoulders and the super crest on the heart.

England football shirt 1982                                                                       England in ISpain 1982.  The World Cup of Keegan and Robson. Perhaps the best ever England football kit? 

Above, in the shirts section of the England national football team you can see what this stunning English kit was like.

The 1986 World Cup will see Maradona's goal of the century for the Hand of God in the match against England in the quarterfinals; where Argentina won 2-1. Argentines will finally win the championship.

The 1990 Italian World Cup is also a missed opportunity for the Three Lions footballers. They will fall against the West Germans again in the semi-finals this time after 120 minutes of play, and the penalty shootout. This bloody defeat will leave us with an anthological phrase by the English footballer Gary Lineker; "Football is a simple game, 22 men run after a ball for 90 minutes ... and in the end it is always Germany who wins."

England football shirt 1990                                                                 England in Italy 1990.  The World Cup of Gazza. An classic England football shir, stylish polo.

The 1996 European Championship is played in England with Alan Shearer as the star and winner of the top scorer title. Unfortunately, our poor Gary Lineker will see his team lose again to the Germans in the semi-finals after defeating Spain on penalties in the quarterfinals and finishing first of their group in the group stage.

Above in the shirt section you can see the white England 1996 kit with a smaller polo collar and the embroidered shield in the centre.

Finally, France 1998 World Cup, a missed opportunity for the English team. The team of the three lions arrived in France with a great team and with Beckham at the top of his career. He had to lead England to achieve at least the result of Italy 90. However, after a good first phase, came the fateful round of 16 match against Argentina, an usual rival in the World Cups. The argentinians won England in the penalty shootout after a 2-2 draw. The childish expulsion of Beckham after Simeone's provocation from the ground is still remembered.

England 1998 football shirt                                                                      England in France 1998. An original England football shir, stylish polo.

The history of the three lions national team has a long history and their different shirts are a reliable and very real witness to all their comings and goings.

Admittedly, his record of victories remains uneven with respect to his rich history that is incontestable. Despite their rare successes, England shirts are kits of history that enthusiasts of the origins of the king of sport in the British Isles revere. Above you can access all our models, all approved by the English Football Association.

Major brands Nike and Umbro have essentially competed for the honour of sponsoring the England national football team shirts. Countless historical players have had the privilege of wearing these England shirts, and we cite, among others, Geoff Hurst, Bobby Moore, the Charlton brothers, Paul Gascoigne, Gary Lineker, David Beckham, Peter Shilton, Frank Lampard and many other prominent figures of the English football.

And although England's statistics, as we have seen, remain below their performance and hardly reflect the quality of their players, English football lovers, of all generations, will always feel nostalgic for the stars of their football fighting for titles and glory. This story and all our work go for them.