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Classic football shirts of European teams. European football and vintage sports fashion together in a perfect partnership. We present our collection of retro jerseys of European teams: a wide collection of kits of European football legends of and the world of national teams.

Retrofootball®, presents new models of Vintage football shirts of European teams to prepare the Euro 2020 that will take place in 2021; a very special championship that all football fans are waiting for ! Our main models for this European Championship are :

  • •  Official England retro shirts: from the mythical team of the 1966 World Cup, the 82 World Cup or the 96 Euro
  • •  France shirt of Platini, Tigana, Trésor, Luis Fernandez from the 70s and 80s
  • •   Scotland 1970's shirt and Ireland 1970's retro shirts
  • •   Retro shirts of the Spanish National Team, from the 80s
  • •   Red devils of Belgium shirt from the 60s
  • •   Red and white CCCP jerseys from the former Soviet Union
  • •   East German DDR kits, white and blue versions
  • •   Holland (The Clockwork Orange) original 1974 World Cup shirt
  • •   George Best's Northern Ireland retro shirt
  • •   Germany's jersey from the 70s and many others

Our European Teams football shirts are perfect replicas of the kits of the teams of the 60s, 70s and 80s: the fabrics are of high quality (100% cotton or mixed with polyester), resistant are a very attractive collection of vintage sportswear. The design, details and fabrics are the result of a rigorous study of historical documentation that makes the final product a unique and essential product.

Our kits don't last just one season, they are shirts forever. Our casual and sportswear will inspire you to feel like a football legend.