Italy Retro Shirts

Our Assortment of Retro Shirts of Italy is reflecting the history of one of the best national teams in the world. Italy won four World Cups, the last in 2006 in Germany, and the European championship 1968 against the strong team from Yugoslavia. Our Collection of Retro Italy Shirts contain fashionable models, that are perfect for your leisure or for doing sports. Our assorted samples contain some of the most iconic models:

• The Italy Shirt from the sixties, an era in which the Squadra Azzura won the European Championship in 1968 and came to the World Cup final in 1970 in Mexico, only beaten the one of the strongest Brazilian teams in the history. The squad of the Italian national team contained some big names, like Gianni Rivera, Fachetti or Sandro Mazzola. The classic tailored shirt has the threecolored badge on the chest.

• The Italian Retro Shirt of the World Cup 1982 in Spain, a timeless Polo-Shirt, with the national colors at the sleeves and collar. With this model Paolo Rossi made history and leaded Italy to the final. The final which took place in the Santiago Bernabeu, is still famous for the cheering of the president over the second goal of Marco Tardelli.

• The classic World Cup 1990 Shirt, a legendary world cup, where Italy made it to the semifinal in their own country. Guided by Icons like Baresi and Baggio they missed the finals by losing close in penalties against the Argentina of Maradona.

Dress yourself classy with our models of the Italian national team. Perfect to spend the day with friends. Our casual football sport fashion is an ageless classic.

Our collection of Italian national football team retro shirts traces the history of one of the best teams in the world. Italy has won four World Cups, the last in 2006 and the European Championships in 1968 against mythical Yugoslavia. Our faithful replicas shirts of the Italian football team football shirts represent an attractive range of men's casual fashion that can be worn for a walk in the city or even for sports. Some iconic models from our collection include:

• The Italy retro shirt of the 60s, an era in which he conquered the 1968 European Championships and reached the World Cup final in Mexico 70, only giving up in front of one of the best Brazil in history. This national team included legendary players such as Gianni Rivera, Facchetti or Sandro Mazzola among its ranks. It is a classic cut shirt with the tricolor shield sewn on the chest.

• The Italy Spain 82 vintage shirt, a timeless polo model with the Italian “tricolore” embroidered on the collar and sleeves. With this model Paolo Rossi wrote history by protecting Italy to the title. The final played at the Santiago Bernabeu is still remembered for the exultation of the goal by Marco Tardelli accompanied by that by the president Sandro Pertini in the stands.

• The classic Italian jersey at the World Championships in Italy '90; a legendary World Cup that Italy played as hosting country, reaching the semi-final with Baresi and Baggio as the leader of the Italian team. Only the penalties against Maradona's Argentina prevented the Azzurri from reaching the World Cup final again.

Wear our models of the Italian national football team in style. Ideal for enjoying a day with friends. Our casual soccer sportswear is a seasonal classic.


History and football shirts of the Italian football team

With the victories at the World Cup in 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006, nobody can doubt the Azzurri's impressive international honours in the most popular sport in the world: football.

In the European Championship the Italian football team won the title in 1968 and placed as second in the years 2000 and 2012.

They also won the gold medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

With this list of successes over the years, the Italian national team has delighted several generations of fans and participated in parallel with the rise of several generations of Italian football stars.

Jerseys of the Italian national football team

You may have wondered why the shirt of the Italian national football team is blue, since its flag has the colours red, white and green

It must be said that the Italian national team has started playing with white shirts. In fact, white was the most used colour by many national teams in the beginning. Eventually, Italy has maintained the second jersey, with the colour originally used.

We must take a long trip into the past, more precisely in January 1911, when Italy played a game against Hungary. In this game the players wore blue shirts to pay homage to the Royal House of Savoy which 50 years earlier had contributed significantly to the unification of Italy that we know today and whose colour was blue.

Since then, blue has become the official colour of the Italian national football team, but also of other selections of the Italian peninsula, with very few exceptions, which explains why they were nicknamed "Azzurri".

The shade of blue, however, will change, will evolve from lighter to darker throughout history.

The shorts of the home uniform will be white, while blue will be chosen for the away ones. The only change compared to the white shorts of the first kit occurred in 2009 when the Italians wore brown shorts, although in 2010 it returned to the original white and from 2019 when the Italians will wear Renaissance green. We will explain the reasons later.

The first time that the shield appears on the chest, in the side of the heart, with the colours of the Italian flag will be in 1970. This shield will remain over time with some changes in the shape. From 1981 onwards, the colours of the emblem of the Italian flag will be repeated on the sleeves and on the polo collar on both uniforms: home and away.

If we look at several vintage photos of the Azzurri team, we will see that the collar of the shirt will be a V-neck most of the time, sometimes a polo collar.

Even the brands that produce and design the shirts will evolve and change over time. The Italian team was not faithful to any brand. In the history of the national team, various sponsors will alternate. Italo Sport in 1954, followed by Fedeli in 1962, Adidas was the sponsor between 1974 and 1976, Le Coq Sportif between 1979 and 1984, Ennerre and Diadora between 1985 and 1994, Nike from 1994 to 98, Kappa from 1998 to 2002, the year in which Puma will start dressing the Italian team to date.

As for the green colour recently presented, it comes from the shirt that the Italian team used at the Olympic Stadium in Rome in 1954 in a game against Argentina, won 2-0. From there the lower categories will use green. The first game in which the first Italian team dressed again in green took place at the Olympic Stadium in Rome in a Euro 2020 qualifying match against Greece.

Today there are several vintage jerseys of those times, which are still very popular because they carry within them the history of all the jerseys of the Italian football nation.

Historical moments and jerseys of the Italian national football team - Origins

The Azzurri began their epic with a 6-2 victory over France in Milan. It was May 15, 1910 and the Italian national team wore a white uniform.

In the first decades of the twentieth century, the national football teams faced off in international matches, friendly matches and at the Olympics.

At the 1920 Olympics, Italy was defeated in the quarterfinals by France. However, it was Belgium, the host country, that won the gold medal.

Then there were the 1924 Paris Olympics where the Italian national team was eliminated with a 2-1 result from Switzerland. It was the Olympics that brought Uruguay to the top of world football.

The first great performance played by the Azzuri took place at the 1928 Olympics, where Italy reached the semifinal, and despite the defeat managed to bring home the bronze medal. Uruguay again won the gold medal, this time against Argentina.


Historical moments and jerseys of the Italian national football team - The glorious 1930s

In 1934 Italy reached its peak for the first time by winning its first World Cup against Czechoslovakia, winning 2-1 in extra time. The first edition of the World Cup was played in Italy with Mussolini in power, remember the fascist greeting of the players before the games. Jules Rimet, the first FIFA president, handed the trophy to the Azzurri team.

The Italian national team gained confidence and won the second edition of the 1934 World Cup, this time in Paris, after beating Hungary 4-2 in the final. This World Cup has as its background an environment that has already prefigured the Second World War. For example, Austria, which had been occupied by the Germans under Nazi command, although qualified, was unable to participate.

To highlight the work of the coach of those two victories, Vittorio Pozzo, with him the Italian team gained the great triumphs of the 1930s and under his leadership Italy obtained the gold medal at the Berlin Olympics in 1936 with a made up of amateurs players.

Historical moments and jerseys of the Italian national football team - The happy end of the 60s

Italy's victory at Euro 1968

Italy was the host country of the 1968 European Championships and repeated the experienc of 1934 when the hosts won the World Cup.

This time the final was played against Dragan Dzajic's Yugoslavia at the end of a championship where the Azzurri drew the first game 1-1 and won the second 2-0. We find players like Angelo Domenghini, Pietro Anastasi and Pierino Prati and the captain of the team Giacinto Facchetti, one of the legendary Italian players of the team of the 60s. We can see in the photos of the time this player dressed in the crew neck shirt, the characteristic blue colour and the emblem of the Italian flag, which raises the smiling trophy. Above in the section of Italy's historic jerseys you can see the replica of this legendary shirt with the embroidered shield; the classic Italy shirt 1968-1970.

Historical moments and jerseys of the Italian national football team - World Cup 70

Italy presents itself to the World Cup in Mexico 70 wanting to emulate the 1968 triumph after beating Gerd Müller and Beckenbauer's West Germany national football team, who played injured, in a semi-final which is considered one of the most beautiful and legendary in the history of the World Cup, the 4-3 which was nicknamed "Match of the Century". In the Italian national team, we have, among others, Gianni Rivera and Gigi Riva.

But the Azzurri will only manage to gain the second place. The other Mexico 70 finalist is probably one of the best national teams in history, the Brazilian team with Pelé, Jarzhino, Carlos Alberto and Rivelino, who beat Uruguay in the semifinals.

This rhetorical question will remain forever: could we have enjoyed better semi-finals in a World Cup? We do not think so.

As for the Italian jersey during this tournament, it is the same as in 1968. In the section of the shirts, you can see the replica of this legendary uniform with the embroidered shield; the classic shirt of Italy 1968-1970.

You can also look at the '70 national team sweatshirt, a memory of that time; the Italy retro shirt from the 70s.


Historical moments and shirts of the Italian national football team - 1980s

The 1982 World Cup in Spain will mark the return of the Italian national team to the top of the world after the success of 1938. The final is played against the rivals of Federal Germany, beaten with a powerful 3-1, after eliminating Poland in the semi-final.

Among the Azzurri, players of the calibre of Paolo Rossi who won the Golden Boot of the tournament having scored 6 goals, in addition to the title of the best player in the World Cup. Rossi's hat-trick against Brazil in the second phase is unforgettable. Among others, we find Scirea, Tardelli and a young Beppe Bergomi.

As for the shirts, the Azzurri worn the legendary and elegant shirt signed by Le Coq Sportif. Above in the section, you can see the replica of that uniform, the Italy 1982 World Cup retro shirt, with the characteristic blue colour of the time. Also available the replica of the away shirt, as well as the elegant Jacket of the Italian team in 1982.

Historical moments and jerseys of the Italian national football team - 90s

The 90s began with the great disappointment of the 1990 World Cup, which was hosted by Italy again. The Italians fall to the semi-finals against Argentina, on penalties. In this sad chapter of the history of the national team, Maradona's relationship with Italian fans remains indelible. The Argentine star, who played for Napoli at the time, made statements to divide the Italian tifosi among them, recalling the class struggle between the Italians of the North and South. As a result, he found himself being whistled by all the Italian fans at San Paolo, with the exception of the Neapolitan fans who tried to protect him by singing choirs for him. As a consolation, the title of the best player in the league was awarded to Totò Schillaci, author of the goals in the quarterfinals and in the semi-finals. On the pitch for the Azzurri, another legend of Italian football also gave a show: Roberto Baggio.

It should be remembered that the lack of play and goals in this World Cup was due to the refereeing rules introduced by FIFA which gave priority to the defensive game and which were in fact changed for subsequent editions of the World Cup.

To remember Italia 90, you can visit our jerseys section of the Italian national team where you will find the Italy 1990 vintage shirt.

In the 1994 World Cup, known as USA '94, Italy again came close to the title, falling in the final against one of the rivals of all time, Brazil. This time the Seleccao’s public enemy number 1 was none other than Romario. The final was decided on penalties by Baresi and Roberto Baggio's mistakes from the penalty spot, after Divin Codino had scored 5 goals in the tournament.

The trophy cabinet of the Italian national team was enriched with another world title in 2006.

Over the years, several Italian vintage football shirts have been able to mark entire generations. These retro uniforms are the true emblems of this Italian team and have contributed to making their story unforgettable.


Kappa and Puma have printed their logo on these shirts that are now vintage. Iconic players like Roberto Baggio, Alessandro Del Piero, Gianluigi Buffon, Francesco Totti and many other stars have had the privilege of wearing the Azzurri shirt and leave a mark on its legend.

All these classic shirts are considered relics, almost objects of worship, and each trace part of the history of the Italian national team. Since they have become highly sought after, do not be surprised if you see football collectors and fans vying for replicas of these retro jackets and shirts.

If you are also looking for a unique piece, a vintage jacket of the Italian National team or a historic Azzurri shirt, you are in the right place. Here at Retrofootball®, you will find the retro football shirt of Italy that will make you happy, reliving euphoric moments of glory with your loved ones.