URSS Retro Shirts

Our assortment of USSR Retro Shirts is one of the most complete collection we have in our range. We have diverse Models of Retro Shirts, that is connecting supporters and lovers of sports fashion from the sovjet union. We have USSR Retro Shirts of the following eras:

• The Retro Jersey of the USSR from the sixties, in which won the team the first and only international competititon. At the first ever european championship 1960 in France, the Team won against the strong from yugoslavia with 2:1. Back then they had the black spider, the goalkeeper Lev Yashion, who is to date a national hero in their squad.

• The USSR Classic Jersey from the seventies, another era, where the sovjets showed their international format; In the final of the European Championship they lost to the german national team around Franz Beckenbauer.

• The USSR Retro Shirt from the eighties: this models are the favorites of our clients. The Sovjet union was close to dissolution; and was leaded in these years but the great striker and Ballon d’Or Winner, the Ukrainian Oleg Blojin. In this time , the sovjets accomplished their last international success, when the mainly out of players from Dynamo Kiev consisted squad, reached the final of the European Championship 1988.

Classic Football Fashion for Men; enjoy our USSR Shirts while going for a walk through your city or during a little match with your friends.