Hi folks!

Today, 5 May 2020, a new phase of this strange situation we are experiencing has just begun in Europe. We continue to face it with courage and common sense thinking of all the families who have lost loved ones.

In Retrofootball® we dedicate our days to inspiring people by reviving the legends of football, and in this moment when football is absent from the fields and from the televisions and we do not know when it will return, we want to try to distract you and offer you a new tournament by contrasting some football legends.

A few weeks ago with our Instagram #retrofootballers we chose the best jersey in the history of Europe and the best soccer jersey in the history of the Champions League.
After choosing the best number 10 in football history, this time it's time to choose the best number 9 in history. Who will you vote for this time?

This new competition will be called "The Best 9 - Master Striker Championship". Striker is the term used to define the typical center forward with the goal instinct, always in the right place at the right time, ready to finalize the team's action. It is the player who keeps the ball allowing the team to go out and who is found in the center of the area at the time of the cross. What we know as "number 9".
The original "9" is the goleador, the center forward, the finalizer, or simply The Bomber.
It is a shirt number that symbolizes dexterity, physical strength, cunning, and above all a great desire to score.

The best 9 - Retrofootball Master Striker Championship

For this The best 9 - Master Striker Championship we chose players who had as their only requirement that they had worn the number 9 shirt in their career, with the clubs or with the national team. We, therefore, want to choose the best 9 in the history of football based on the criteria of the #retrofootballers and have fun together, while we try to make you smile, and why not, to have a little healthy competition in these times when we miss football matches.

To play The best 9 - Master Striker Championship just go to our Instagram (@ and vote for your favorite Striker.

The Master Striker Championship is a tournament between 16 legends in the history of football. You will have to vote for your favorite players at each round, until the final on Sunday 10 May.


Let's start the competition with the round of 16. We leave you below the game board so you can see the challenges that will be played starting today, Thursday 7 May at 14:00. We are looking for the best number 9 in football history and you can choose the winner.

The best 9 - Retrofootball Master Striker Championship


From tomorrow, we will have one round a day. Starting with the Round of 16, then moving on to Quarter, Semi and Final:

- Ronaldo vs Eto'o
- Luis Suarez vs Fernando Torres
- Batistuta vs Inzaghi
- Ibrahimovic vs Kubala
- Alfredo Di Stefano vs Lewandowski
- Bobby Charlton vs Gerd Müller
- Hugo Sanchez vs Alan Shearer
- Van Basten vs Nordahl

The most voted player for each game will pass. For example, tomorrow O 'Fenomeno Ronaldo and Samuel Eto'o will face each other, you can vote for your favorite through our Instagram Stories.

The best 9 - Ronaldo vs. Eto'o

It starts tomorrow Thursday 7 May at 14:00. Good luck and may the best bomber, delantero, goleador, striker in football history win!