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Today is April 22, 2020. We are still all confined in Europe and the world. A new situation that we face with courage and rigor in many parts of the world and thinking of all the families who have their lost loved ones.

In Retrofootball®, wanting to inspire people by reviving the legends of football, we want to accompany you in this difficult phase and propose a new tournament related to football, in particular, that of the past, which makes these days a little more bearable.

So, after choosing the best shirt in the history of Europe and the best football shirt in the history of the Champions League, this time we propose you to choose the best number 10 in the history of football. Are you in?

We decided to call this new competition "The Best 10 - Master Playmaker Championship". "Playmaker" is the term used in England to define those numbers 10 with class and vision, and defines quite well what a number 10 represents in a football team, literally the one who "makes the play".
He is the player who creates occasions and lead the game, the player from which the most dangerous occasions start and who leads the offensive phase. The number 10 or the playmaker (the one who always want the ball), the director, is, in fact, the magic number in the history of football. It is a number that symbolizes creativity, magic, art, fun, and vision in a single shirt.

The best 10 - Master Playmaker Championship de Retrofootball

ForThe Best 10 - Master Playmaker Championship we have pre-selected players who had the only requirement to have worn the number 10 jersey in their career, with the clubs or with the national team. Therefore, we want to choose the best 10 in the history of football based on the #retrofootballers criteria and have fun while we try to snatch a smile from you, why not, some healthy competition in these times without football played.

We invite you to participate in The Best 10 - Master Playmaker Championship; a special tournament that will be played on our Instagram ( For this we need your participation and collaboration. ⚽

The Master Playmaker Championship is a tournament between 16 legends of football history. You will have to vote for your favorite players at each round, until the final on Sunday 26 April. One of the participants will win one of our retro football shirts worn by one of the participating legends.


Let's start the competition with the round of 16. We leave you below the table so you can see the games that will be played starting tomorrow, Thursday 23 April at 14:00. We are looking for the best number 10 in football history and you can choose the winner.

The best 10 - Master Playmaker Championship de Retrofootball - el cuadro


From tomorrow, we will have one round per day. Starting with the Round of 16, then moving on to Quarter, Semi and Final:

- Pelé vs. Michael Laudrup
- Ruud Gullit vs. Michel Platini
- Baggio vs. Luis Suarez
- Ronaldinho vs. Messi
- Maradona vs. Teofilo Cubillas
- Totti vs. Pibe Valderrama
- Matthaus vs. Zidane
- Zico vs. Francescoli

The most voted player for each game will pass to next phase. For example, today O'Rei Pele and Michael Laudrup face each other, you can vote for your favorite through our Instagram Stories.

The best 10 - Laudrup vs. Pele

It starts tomorrow Thursday, April 23 at 14:00 Good luck and may the best regista, fantasista, playmaker in the history of football win!