FEEBERSE is defined as THE FIRST PLAYABLE SOCIAL NETWORK of micro-videos that will shake the foundations of the world of football and the way of accessing content. 28 June 2024 will see its launch !

As its creators say, FEEBERSE will become a "stadium" where everyone will have a place, from content creators to football clubs and journalists to fans. An honest perspective that will create a unique ecosystem in the world.

Their vision is very clear; if football is the only sport on the planet that never rests, if it represents in the universe of networks and communication thousands of hours of content that are consumed by all levels of society on all platforms, why not launch a platform where to concentrate all the talent and content


To this end, FEEBERSE has created a complete catalogue of new elements, functionalities and challenges that complement the quality of the content and build loyalty among the different communities.

Fans, clubs, players, journalists, gamers, brands and institutions will have their own space in Feeberse where they can join the first playable social network.

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retrofootball colabora con feeberse

RETROFOOTBALL is delighted to collaborate with FEEBERSE by providing 100 t-shirts for the #ElRetoFeeberse.

Would you like to be one of the first 50.000 users to use Feeberse?