France and football represent a very well-oiled machine that has been running for over a hundred years.

More specifically, if we go back to 1904 when the French football team made its debut against the Belgian team in a match that ended in a draw, 3-3. For the occasion, the team wore a white jersey. It was not until 1908 that the team wore the blue color of the Capetian dynasty, a dynasty that began its reign in 987 ending in 1792. In other words, the great French republican values ​​made an exception with the color of the Blue in sport by accepting the royal color for his jerseys.

Football in France is the king sport like in the rest of Europe and this is not surprising since France is among the teams of the most successful European nations in the world ranking.

We especially highlight the triumphs in two World Cups in 1998 and 2018 and in two European Championships that of 1984, its first major title and that of 2000. France is in the top 5 worldwide titles. As we can see, France shone from the 80s, unlike other teams that had their stellar moment in the 60s like the English team, or even before.

Équipe de France 1984
France national football team  - EURO 1984

But let's take a look at the team record for participation in World Cups and the European Championship, where we will include victories, semi-final and final qualifications. This will allow us to have a clear image, a photograph of arrival, of the Blues' ability to compete in major championships.



• 1960 European Championship in France: the French team will reach the semi-finals. But from this championship Les Bleus will only qualify in 1984 to play another Euro.

• European Championship 1984 in France: Les Bleus won their first major football championship.

• Euro England 1996: The French team will play and finish fourth.

• Euro 2000 in Belgium and the Netherlands: The French team wins the European Championship with a gold goal from Trezeguet.


• 1958 World Cup Sweden: The team finishes third.

• 1982 Spain World Cup: the team finishes fourth.

• 1986 Mexico World Cup: The French players finish in third position.

• 1998 France World Cup: Les Bleus, World Champions and glory at home.

• 2006 German World Cup: The team finishes second.

• Russian World Cup 2018: The French team wins the last World Cup.


• Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games: a selection of non-professional players will win the Gold Medal.

LEGENDARY PLAYERS OF FRANCE TEAM FOOTBALL. Here are some interesting profiles:

To follow we will do a little recap of the legendary players, the sparkling stars on the playground of the past. Those who at the time made the stadiums tremble with their games and their goals.

1950s: Juste Fontaine. If we imagine a top player of modern football we can affirm that Just Fontaine was the French top player of the 1950s. He was born in Morocco, still a French colony, in the French protectorate of Marrakech. He began his professional career in the U.S. Moroccan team, to play later in France at the O.G.C Nice and at the Stade de Reims. With the French National Team he has played since 1953, participating in the 1958 Swedish World Cup where he played in the semi-final against the young Pelé. Although the French team lost the game, Just Fontaine has held the title of top scorer since this World Cup with 13 goals, a record not yet beaten by any other player in the history of the World Cups. He also participated in the 1960 European Championship where he scored 8 goals. He was a player who scored from all angles, he was always where the ball was headed, a player with incredible greed for goal, a footballer who wrote an interesting page in the history of world football.

Just Fontaine

Just Fontaine on the field - Années 50

1950: Raymond Kopa born in 1931, son of Polish emigrants in France, Kopa will evolve at the Stade de Reims before signing with Real Madrid, the club where he will stay from 1956 to 1959 and where he will win three Champions League UEFA. Regarding his participation in the French National Team, this brilliant player played the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland and the 1958 World Cup alongside Just Fontaine, where his participation earned him the Ballon d'Or of 1958, among many other distinctions he received during his career. He was a very fast, very powerful player. It was almost impossible to strip him of the ball.

You have to go back to the 80s and 90s to find figures of great international projection. This does not mean that there are no interesting names in the 60s and 70s. We find François Heutte who was the top scorer with 2 goals in the 1960 European Championship in France where the Blues would reach the semi-finals, or Gondet the leader in the field of the 1966 World Cup or Djorkaeff, Lemerre and Loubet in the 70s. But really the 60s and 70s were years of blackout and restructuring. The team meanwhile is trying to gain strength for the apotheosis of the 80s.

1980s: Michel Platini. Midfielder, goalscorer, great free kick taker, passer, visionary of the game. All of this was Platini, who is considered the best French player of the 20th century, which is no small task. Born in 1955, he played for Nancy, AS Saint-Etienne and Juventus. He won three Ballons d'Or in 1983, 1984 and 1985, a whole kingdom in the 80s. As for his participation in the World Cups and the Euro, we highlight the victory in the 1984 European Championship and the third and fourth place at the 1986 and 1982 World Cups.

90s: Zinedine Zidane. Born in France in 1972, the son of Algerian parents, he played as a midfielder. A player with a lot of temperance, but a lot of inventiveness, game organizer, offensive, great passer, good goal scorer, Zidane has everything that any player would like to have. Player of the clubs AS Cannes, FC Girondins de Bordeaux, Juventus FC and Real Madrid where he ended his career in 2006, he shone with the French National Team. In its wake, the French Team won its first World Cup 1998, disputed in France, and the European Championship 2000. He had all the qualities to win, but he also had the chance to do so, this which doesn't always happen, let's see the example of Messi with the Argentinian team. From the long and endless list of distinctions, we recover the 1998 Ballon d'Or.

Maillot France 1958

  France at 1958 World Cup

The France National Football Team shirts with its sparkling blue reflect energy, perseverance, the course of history, mythical moments like the France retro shirt of the 1950s generation of Fontaine and Kopa, with a polo collar and a big rooster in the part of the heart.

Also the France 1970s V-neck football shirt with the colors of the French flag on the collar as well as on the short sleeves, a magnificent jersey with an always current style.

Équipe de France années 70

  France national footbal team in the 1970s

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