At Retrofootball® we are delighted to present you the new official collection of Atletico de Madrid retro shirts. Atletico is one of the greatest clubs in the Spanish League, occupying the third position in terms of La Liga, The League, trophies with 10 titles.

The Atlético de Madrid collection of classic football shirts starts with an old shirt that is highly representative of the Club's history. At the end of the Spanish Civil War it was necessary to decide what to do with Aviación, the Aviation, which was a team that was formed during the campaign. Thus, Aviación merged with Atlético and they played under the name of Atlético Aviación until 1946. On December 14th of that year the club recovered its original name of Atlético and in January 1947 the name of the city of  Madrid was added, leaving its name like the one we know today; Atlético de Madrid.

Atletico de Madrid 1939-40 Retro Football shirt detailAtletico de Madrid 1939-40 Team with the vintage football kit

The Atlético Aviación classic kit revives the 1941 model, with the Atlético Aviación crest, long sleeves as was traditional at the time, and with the Club's traditional red and white colors. Thus arose the origin of the main nickname of its followers as Colchoneros, the mattress makers, since mattresses in the first half of the 20th century had red and white stripes.

The second model is also very representative as it reminds us of Atlético de Madrid's prodigious decade, from 1966 to 1976; 10 years in which the Club won 4 league titles (being the club that won the most titles in that decade). In those years the club had legendary players such as Luis Aragones, Adelardo, Garate, Ratón Ayala or Pereira.

Atletico de Madrid 1970-71 Luis Aragones Retro Vintage Football Shirt

The Atletico de Madrid vintage retro shirt faithfully reproduces the model with an open polo neck of those years, the traditional red and white colors, rojiblanco, and the Club Atletico crest that has lasted until the 21st century.

To complement this period, we also launch the Atletico de Madrid sports jacket from the 1960s. A high-quality product that legendary club coaches such as Marcel Domingo, Max “Látigo” Merkel, Juan Carlos Lorenzo and Luis Aragones proudly wore.

Atletico Madrid 1985-86 vintage football shirt

The collection is completed with the model from the 80s prior to the arrival of the Gil family at the Club. The Atletico de Madrid shirt for the 1985/86 season is a club classic, with a polo-shaped collar. It is the model worn by one of the Club's greatest legends, Paulo Futre.

Atletico Madrid 1985-86 team with the kit of the season

For that season we also have the classic Atletico third kit in blue. A special gift for the mattress fan who already has all the rojiblancas.

Finally, if a new baby is born in an Atletico fan family, we have a model with a gift box for babies, a sure hit for the red-and-white supporters.

We hope you enjoy our new collection. With those Atletico shirts you will always feel the colors of your favorite football team and you will surprise everyone.  At Retrofootball® we love to relive the great moments of our best football legends for you.