Captain Tsuabasa has probably been the most beloved soccer anime series in the world.
The manga series was created in 1981 by Yoichi Takahashi and then adapted into a TV animation series premiered in Japan between 1983 and 1986.
Then the series started to be premiered in Europe and other countries, becoming a reference and a social phenomenon for children and youth of that generation. Kids born from the 70s to the 90s were inspired by the characters of Captain Tsubasa.

Everyone was trying to make the "catapult shot" or "skylab hurricane" by the Tachibana Twins, the "tiger Shot" by Kojiro Hyuga or the incredible dribbling of the protagonist Tsubasa Ozora. When the Captain Tsubasa was premiered for the first time in Spain with the name of "Campeones: Oliver y Benji", a young Andrés Iniesta born in 1984, had 6 years and dreamed then to score the goals of his heroes of the cartoon series.

Over the years, Iniesta would fulfill his dream of being World and European Champion with the Spanish national team and meet the creator of his favorite series Yoichi Takahashi. During that path, Iniesta has also fulfilled another wish. He has been able to dress the shirts of the protagonists of Captain Tsubasa, Oliver Atom (Tsubasa Ozora) and Mark Lenders (Kojiro Hyuga). On several occasions he has published photos on his social networks wearing T-shirts and Jackets from Captain Tsubasa's world. We have rescued for this article a photo of Iniesta with the T-shirt of Toho by Mark Lenders.

Iniesta toho shirt

Also the first one published a few years ago with the New Team jacket of the second season:

Iniesta New Team jacket

Captain Tsubasa series has also been a source of inspiration for another World top player. Paris Saint Germain's forward Kylian Mbappé appeared a few years ago in the Parc de Princes wearing the New Team jacket of the second season (white with red stripes on the sleeves) and the New Team cap. Kylian was born in 1998 and enjoyed the series in one of the re-broadcasts and has not hesitated to dress the clothes of Olivier Atton (the french name for Tsubasa Ozora), one of his football references. Here we leave you the mythical photo of Mbappe fully equipped with the Captain Tsubasa clothes:

Mbappe new team jacket captain tsubasa

As you can see the Captain Tsuabsa series was translated in so many languages and also the name of the characters have been changed, for example in many Arab countries the name of the series was "Captain Majed".
Here the different versions in Japanese / Latin America / Spanish / French / Italian:
Captain Tsubasa / Los Super Campeones / Campeones: Oliver y Benji / Olive et Tom, champions de foot / Che Campioni, Holly e Benji
Tsubasa Ozora / Oliver Atom / Oliver Atom / Olivier Atton / Oliver Hutton
Genzo Wakabayashi / Benji Price / Benji Price / Thomas Price/ Benji Prince
Kojiro Hyuga / Steve Hyuga / Mark Lenders / Mark Landers / Mark Lenders.

There are good news for the fans of the series. This year will be released new episodes and a new video game by Bandai Namco. In "Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions" you can play with the most representative characters of the series that will delight both people born in the 80s and 90s and their children born in the 21st century. You'll definitely want to play a game.

Finally, if any of you are lucky enough to travel to Tokyo, do not hesitate to visit the Yotsugi train station, located in the eastern part of Tokyo. In the hometown of the manga creator you will find murals and statues that honor the manga heroes. Here you can see a photo of the entrance to the station:

Yotsugi train station captain tsubasa

Iniesta himself, who attended the inauguration, commented “I remember that when I went to school in Fuentealbilla, before leaving the house I used to wacth these cartoons. I've always been fascinated by Oliver's character, by his speed shots, by Benji's saves, by the combined play of the Derrick brothers. "
"The beauty of watching football" added the former Blaugrana "is that there is a lot of imagination, a lot of creativity and it is something that I have always looked for when I was playing football".
We agree with Iniesta that football requires imagination and creativity, it is thanks to players like him that we continue to be passionate about "real" football.

Finally, if you also want to dress like a Captain Tsubsasa character, don't forget to visit our page dedicated to the clothing of the Captain Tusbasa series.