Aston Villa Classic Shirt 1982

Aston Villa Classic Shirt 1982

  • Reference: VILLA82HSS
  • Brand: Score Draw
  • Material 1: Cotton
  • Sleeve: Short sleeve
  • Country: England

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Aston Villa Classic shirt, European Cup Winners 1982.

The club’s biggest moment in its brilliant history, would come in the summer of 1982, when they proclaimed themselves Kings of European football.

Having won the League title 80-81, they faced a difficult challenge to win again. The season began with a tumultuous start for Villa, that saw a distance grow between them and the contenders. However, the European Title was a whole new scene for them to showcase their power. They beat all their opponents, one by one, great teams such as: Anderlecht, Dynamo Berlin, Dyano Kiiv, to the amazement of all they managed to make it to the final, against ferocious Bayern Munich, led by Karl Rummenige.

The team led by Tony Morley, displayed some strong football, specially their surprising goalkeeper, Nigel Spink, who had only played 1 previous game with the Villans, and helped the team in lifting their first ever European Championship in 1982. The final result was 1-0 for Aston Villa.

Red and light blue the clubs crest engraved. This item is a must have for Villa fans, as it truly represents their most historic football moment ever!

Officially licensed by the Club, Classic Shirt Aston Villa.

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